Trader Terms & Conditions

The rules and regulations set out in this guideline form the standard operating procedures for approved traders.


The times for the market are as follows:

  • The market opens at 10:00AM and closes at 4:00PM.


Traders must park in the designated vendor parking area to ensure there is adequate parking left for customers.


* Stall Fees Increase from 1 July 2019

Rent is payable in advance. No Exceptions.

If paying by EFT for four weeks in advance, payments must be done by  COB on the  Thursday before the four weeks commence. The rent payable for the four weeks is:

  • R850.00 for the stall
  • R500.00 for the gazebo, if required.
  • R100.00 per table, and, if required.
  • R200.00 per electricity point, if required.

This option is not available to NGOs and fresh produce vendors.

A stall will only be considered booked and confirmed if the stall fee has been paid by COB on the Thursday before any market.

If paying by cash or EFT  on the day, your stall fees must be settled  before  trading starts at 10am on  the market day. These stall fees per trading day are as follows:

Monthly Traders (Traders who trade 3 or more times per month)

Fresh Produce R180.00
Food R230.00
Crafters R230.00

NGO R 160.00

Casual Traders (Traders who trade less than 3 times per month)

Fresh Produce R 180.00
Food R 280.00
Crafters R 280.00

NGO R 160.00

The other optional rentals for the day are:

R150.00 for the gazebo
R30.00 per table, and
R50.00 per electricity point.


  • Apply via on-line application form.
  • Await stall approval.
  • Trading dates will be requested on application form,
  • Trading dates and bookings confirmed
  • Invoice issued
  • Send POP to before COB on the Thursday before trading.
  • If you do not book and pay by 12:00 PM on the Friday before the market day the casual traders fees are payable and you will be allocated one of the unbooked stalls, if there are stalls available.


  • Should a trader need to cancel their booking they must do so by COB on the Thursday prior to the market. Late cancellations will be treated as a “no show”
  • In cases where the market will close early due to bad weather, the market will credit the trader a portion of the fee as follows:
    • No trading – full credit
    • Trading less than half the day – 25% credit
    • Trading more than half of the day – there will be no credit
  • Should you have booked, paid and not arrive you will still be liable for the fees on that day as your place was reserved. This “no show” will result in no refund


  • The traders entrance will open at 7:30 AM allowing access to the premises.
  • All traders must report to the Sylvia’s office main building to check in and confirm the position of their stall for the day. An additional stall fee of R50.00 per day will be levied if you do not report to Sylvia’s office
  • Cars may drive onto the field to drop off goods. This must be done as quickly as possible and the car must be removed and parked immediately after offloading. Do not set up your stall with the car still on the field as it will cause a problem for other traders. Access to the field will be blocked at 9:30AM so any latecomers will need to park in the vendor parking area and bring their goods in by hand / trolley / gurney which the market does not supply.
  • All stall holders must ensure their gazebos are pegged down/ anchored properly. Any trader who does not adhere to this will be held liable for damage or injury caused by his/her equipment being blown away.
  • Traders must ensure their stalls are setup and ready for trading by 9:30AM. An additional stall fee of R100 per stall will be levied to stall holders whose set up is completed later than 9:30AM.
  • Traders who constantly are late will be asked to leave and their stall re-assigned.
  • Traders will ensure they stay within their allocated stall area and will ensure that:
    • Their stalls are at all times neat, well presented, properly stocked and sanitary.
    • They are not obstructing walkways.
    • They do not play any loud music or cause any noise disturbances.
    • They do not obstruct the visibility of other stalls
    • They do not deviate from the type of stall they applied for and sell only the main products / articles that was on their application. Anyone adding goods or products without
    • management approval will be asked to remove the products and be issued a warning. If they are caught a second time they will be asked to leave and their stall re-assigned.
    • Traders must bring their own chairs to sit on.


  • Only once the market has closed for the day may traders begin to start packing up and take down their stalls. Anyone caught packing up early will be banned from returning to the market.
  • We will open for cars to access the fields again after the market has closed. As some customers and children be may still be walking around please do not rush. We do not want any unnecessary incidents. Be alert, cautious and courteous at all times.
  • All stall holders are to ensure their stall area for the day is clean and tidy after they have finished packing up..
  • As we do not have any storage space available please ensure all belongings are taken home at the end of the day.


  • No trader who books an outdoor stall will be allowed to trade without a gazebo and pegs to anchor it down.
  • No trader will share a stall with another trader, unless permitted to do so by management.
  • The market does not accept responsibility for any items left behind which end up damaged or missing.
  • Traders may not use the basins in the bathrooms to wash up their products or utensils.
  • Traders may not dispose any waste down the outdoor drains.
  • Traders must ensure their table cloths are long enough to cover the front of the stall in order to hide the legs of the table and hide excess stock.
  • No smoking is allowed in or near the food stalls.
  • No stall may close early, except for bad weather conditions. A low number of visitors is not a reason for closing early.


  • The health and safety regulations, as issued by The City of Johannesburg are attached.
  • In summary, each food stall must:
    • Have a bin or rubbish bag to dispose of unwanted food , rubbish or excess scraps when prepping.
    • Ensure they have a wash up area or bowl of clean water to rinse or wash utensils.
    • Ensure the surface of their prepping & serving area is clean & sanitary at all times.
    • Ensure that all ingredients are kept in sealed containers until they are used.
    • Wear a cap or a head cloth when cooking food, preventing their hair falling into food.
    • We encourage more natural or easily recycled packaging.


  • All traders are asked to familiarise themselves with the evacuation plan and take note of entrance and exit points which would be used during emergency evacuations. The evacuation plan is displayed in the main building.
  • Traders using gas equipment will be required to submit to random spot checks from management to ensure the equipment is adhering to Health & Safety protocols.
  • Traders using gas or burning coal in their stall will be required to have either 1 x 9kg fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand in case of a fire. Again management reserves the right to spot check the equipment to ensuring it is within Health & Safety protocols.
  • Walkways & passages should always be clear and if anyone sees a trader placing an obstacle in the way, it must be reported to management so that it is rectified immediately.
  • Traders using electricity points and running extension cords must ensure they have their wires buried under the soil, taped down or neatly hidden to avoid any accidents. Any trader who does not comply will be held liable when there is a case of injury or damage.
  • As with any market place please be mindful of pick pockets and thieves. We do have security walking around but recommend that traders stay alert and report to the guards or management anything suspicious.We recommend traders also:
    • Not keep personal valuables lying around or exposed. Rather pack it away under your table.
    • Ensure cash boxes are not visible or left open to draw attention.
    • Make use of your Zapper account/ Snap Scan or card machine as much as possible as a safer alternative payment method.
    • Rather use a money pouch or bag instead of a cashbox.
    • Never leave your stall unattended.


Sylvia’s Market, reserves the rights to:

  • Make decisions and take all necessary actions to protect the reputation and image of the market.
  • Assign or move a traders stall location at managements discretion.
  • Dismiss and cancel any traders stall at managements discretion and without prior warning.
  • Cancel, remove or ban from the premises any trader who directly or indirectly creates a disruption or a negative atmosphere for customers and traders at the market.
  • Cancel, remove or ban from the premises any trader who displays a bad attitude or hostility towards Management and breaks down the working relationship.
  • Update and make changes to the rules without prior notice. Traders will, however, be advised of these changes.

We look forward to seeing you at our market and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with you.

The Sylvia’s Market Team