Our featured stall of the month is the Original Hippies or as they are also know as Crafty Kits.

This colourful bunch of people are actually one very talented and creative family who have been in the game for quite some time spreading their love for creating and the arts to many happy and loyal customers. Even though they started over 6 years ago they are still going strong and adding new ideas and products to their already impressive portfolio.

A bit about who they are:

Angela is a Biochemist PhD, with a flair for colour, and uses that combination to produce the most amazing tie-dye clothing, that doesn’t wash out! She is always testing new methods to bring you quality, bright clothing/tablecloths/bags etc so keep an eye out for new creations!

Dominique is a mosaic artist with 20 years experience, and designs kits that are “buy and create” – i.e. you don’t have to buy anything else in order to complete the project. She believes you should be able to create something without the expense of special tools, huge sheets of tiles, big bags of grout etc – every kit has just the right quantity. She also takes custom orders for kits and made mosaics – you dream it, she creates it!

Malcolm and Margaret (Dad & Mom) do most of the cutting, sewing and putting kits together! Without them, the engine simply wouldn’t work! Their days are filled with making sure the creations Angela and Dominique come up with, are ready for you to enjoy!

As one of our permanent traders you can always find them at Sylvia’s every Sunday.

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